Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Day 3 Continued.....

Blogger seems to be having some issues w/ posting pictures tonight, so I broke this into 2 sections. I've yet to figure out how to put pics where I want them yet anyway. But shit, it's free.

Yep, that's The Britton. Good Lord that guy must have been a friggin genius.

I was at The Chiefs place (My older brother) last Friday and was showing him the pics I'd taken. I was all stoked up about seeing the Britton and he tells me, sorta casually, how when he took a bike to Daytona, he was in the pits and got to talk to Mr. Britton and his crew and check out the bike from.... like 2 feet away. He was being all cool about it. The Shithead. Yeah, he's got major cool points going for him. For this and lots of other shit too. Prick.

The bastard has 2 bikes in his garage that were in the display! A Ducati 750 SS and a Bultaco Matrella. Granted, neither of his bikes are in the same pristine condition that the display bikes were .... but both of his run. The Duck ran real well the 1 time he let me ride it.

Yeah, Chief gets BIG props for all around cool points. I doubt to many people have a brother that has 2, pre 1970 bikes from the "Art of the Motorcycle" display in their garage.

Day 3. After the Show.....

We left Memphis and Dr J and Mr T had to split for home. We rode North to Union City, TN and split up. They went for home and I headed East. I just followed my nose and took 2 lane stuff all afternoon and rode some real nice roads. It started misting and the temp dropped about 4pm. Not bad, but not good either. I started looking for a place to stay and missed a couple I should have stopped at and kept driving on into Clarksville. TN. Stayed at the ABSOLUTE. NASTIEST. SHITHOLE. DIVE. IN THE FRIGGIN WORLD.

OK, maybe not in the world, but it was the shitiest place I've ever stayed in. That's saying something too. Not ever being one who was real picky about a place to sleep, I've stayed in some funky places before. No Comparison. THE WORST. Had I gone a block or 2 more, I'd have had several better places to choose from that probably wouldn't have cost much more. BUT, it was raining & dark and I was tired and cold.

I didn't sleep to well, thinking that the place was going to burn down any minute. I was worried that I might end up w/ a roach in my ear if I did fall asleep too. Too nasty to describe. Just one of those things you'd have to experience, but probably shouldn't.


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