Monday, October 17, 2005

Got home last night......

Yep, that's the Blueridge Parkway in the bottom picture! Beautiful ride. Just do it if you haven't.

Started doing a day by day journal below, but I'm such a slow typist... we'll see.

I'm gonna post a few pics for now.

Notice in the picture on the top (Day 2 in Arkansas) where my hand is resting. If there was a windshield there I'd not be able to do that! You can't see the black eyes I was sporting there either - thankfully. Not having a w/shield wasn't to big of a problem though. The winds on Thursday (the 7th?) from the hurricane that went thru Mexico were gusting 30+ mph. That hurt some. My head was doing the Bobblehead bounce pretty bad at anything above 50 mph. It never rained hard enough to be a problem.


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