Monday, December 19, 2005

Damn, It's Dark AND Cold. So Far the Family is Safe........

I get weird this time of year. That lack of sunshine, coupled with the schedule I work, makes me a wee bit crankier than normal. I haven't killed anyone ..... yet.

But it's going to start getting a bit more light in a couple of days. According to my weather page, the length of visible light today was 10hrs 26 mins. Tomorrow is gonna be 6 mins less.

BUT, things should start to pick up after that. Damn glad of that. I feel like I need to get the grow lights out I use for starting garden seeds and parking my ass under them. I get this way every year. I can see why guys get cabin fever.

I can't figure out what the messages on the mirror mean though. REDRUM?

Well, I need to go sharpen the Axe. Never know when I'll need to chop some wood. Later.

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