Friday, February 24, 2006

Dude. Where's My Cornea?

"Four indicted in body parts snatching case"

It's nice to see that good old fashioned, American ingenuity still abounds. A guy sees a marketplace need unfilled and goes for it. You gotta love it.
Ok, you don't have to love it. Maybe just admire it.

"It is the latest chapter in a widening scandal involving scores of funeral homes and hundreds of looted bodies, including that of 'Masterpiece Theatre' host Alistair Cooke, who died in March 2004.
The body parts have been tracked to several states where they were used in transplants.
The 122-count indictment alleges the defendants forged death certificates and organ donor consent forms to create the appearance the tissue was legally harvested. The defendants were charged with enterprise corruption, body stealing and opening graves, unlawful dissection, forgery and other counts."

"I'm Alistair Cooke and ......

HEY! That's my Friggin' Tibia, you're messing with there!! Put that back, Bitch!"

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