Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I got to see 2 Bald Eagles today!!!
Mr. T, the Xray tech from work and main riding buddy, and I went down to one of the local fish and wildlife areas this afternoon on the Bikes.
Yeah, We rode in February, Ha.

I had been told recently that some Bald Eagles had taken up residence there. Sure enough, we saw 2 of them. Way Cool. I've only seen Bald Eagles once before in Michigan, years ago. Several times, I've driven 50 - 60 miles to see them and came up empty. This is cool. Only 30 minutes from home and a nice ride there.

I'm really thinking about getting another 35MM camera now. My crappy little digital wasn't up to the challenge of getting any pics. I needed a telephoto lens as they were several hundred yards away most of the time.
I'm still pumped though and I'll probably be back down there next week to check 'em out again.

Oh, I left the damn field glasses at home like a dumbass, too. Duh. I won't make that mistake again either.

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