Saturday, February 04, 2006

OK. I'm Better Today.........
Yes, I was in a pissy mood yesterday despite taking a nice long ride. The temp reached a high of 58 (if you can believe the bank I passed. I don't.) It was nice anyhow and I had a good day riding.

Generally, a good bike ride is almost as effective as Electro Shock Therapy in getting "My Mind Right". I guess it's just the overabundance of dumbshit recently that was getting to me. Maybe it's because I'd only had a few hours sleep? Whatever the cause, today is better.

Even though it's snowing. Yeah, there's about an inch or so on the ground and there would be more if the ground were as cold as it ordinarily is this time of year. Not a big deal. It's that heavy, wet kind of snow that sticks to everything and makes it look like Christmas should. The sounds outside are muffled and it seems very quiet. I like that.

I was gonna take some pictures from the Official Crazy Uncle Command and Control Bunker, of how nice the ioverlapping fields of fire - OOOPS! - I meant how nice the yard looks with the snow, but the youngest offspring, Dogboy, took off with the camera. I'm not any kind of photographer, so it's probably not a major loss.

The camera has been AWOL down South with the Firstborn offspring, TherapyBoy, for a month or so. I had to threaten him before the little shit gave it back. I told him I was gonna quit my job, go on welfare and move in with him. He got it back pretty quick after that.

Used the returned camera to do the Ebay thing. Selling a fuel tank and some other extra bits I had taking up space. After all the dough I've spent lately at Ebay, seemed like the thing to do. Who needs 3 gas tanks for 1 bike? I really don't anticipate getting another 71 - 72 OIF BSA anytime soon.

A triumph would be OK though.

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