Monday, June 12, 2006

OH Baby, I Missed You .......
Back where she belongs. Brought her home and slapped the new tank on, just to see what it would look like. OH Yeah. I'm gonna like this.

I stuck one of the velocity stacks on too. Oh, Oh. Oh ...... I may need a few minutes alone here. Yep. That's cool.

Basically, It runs. It runs badly. The carb bodies are worn so bad it leaks enough air that it won't idle for shit. Gonna need carbs. These aren't the stock size either. Someone put oversize ones on it that compound the problem.

Oh well. These kinda hobbies are like that. I don't have a big problem with that. I knew going into this project it would be a long, expensive job. Hell, I'll own it till I croak anyway. Dogboy will get it when I kick off.

OK, just wanted to show y'all a couple of pics.
OH Yeah! I've got this neat idea for Female SUV drivers that are on the cell phone. Check this shit out.
Yep, A LAW ROCKET!! That ought to get there Gott Damn Attention.
I found this in a dumpster at Ft Bliss about 20 years ago. Surly's got one too. Great conversation starter.

Disclaimer: This is not a functional device. Don't get excited and call the FBI. I'd like to think that most folks would know that shit, but just in case some dumbass stumbles by here .....

OK, Gotta run.

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