Friday, September 01, 2006

Got the Saddlebag Mount Problem Resolved .......

While I was up North seeing Steve, another guy named Steve sent me a brand new Saddlebag mount for the Left side. YEAH!!

THAT'S what COG - The Councours Owners Group, people are all about. I didn't know anything about COG, when I bought my Connie. I can't tell you how helpful their website and members are.

I don't post there much because I'm a dumb shit, but I have gotten so many questions answered by reading the archived posts, it's unreal.

Kawasaki should really use COG as a sales tool.

My brother, Chief, welded up the other side - well both sides actually, while I was up seeing my sick friend. He did the one for the Right side yesterday and I left him the pieces for the Left side. I got a phone message from his wife when I got home a little while ago that he had the other one done too.

I knew that Steve in TX was sending me a left, so I wasn't in any hurry for that one. When I got home tonight, the one from TX was here already. Seems it came the other day while I was at work and I didn't know it. 2 DAY EXPRESS SHIPPING!

Did I mention how cool it is to have people like Chief and the COG folks around.

Now all I have to do is get the latches back in order and I'll be back in bizziness.

Yeah, makes me want to get drunk and dance with Penguins too.

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