Monday, August 14, 2006

Bad Weekend For Bikers Here .........

It seems when bad shit starts happening around here it comes in bunches. Yesterday we had three bikers in the Er at the same time. Four actually, but one of them refused treatment for his road rash and didn't sign in for care. Three separate incidents, BTW.

Final score?

4 cases of road rash.
1 broken wrist.
1 broken collarbone.
1 death.

Not a damn one had a helmet or any kind of protective gear on. None of them. OK. A helmet wouldn't have stopped either of the broken bones. It sure would've helped with the road rash.

The fatality? Hard to say. He died of massive head trauma, but if the story I heard about how the crash occurred is correct ............. I don't know if it would've mattered. No telling really. And we'll never know either.

About the only good thing you can say is - There's no way he ever felt a thing. That one should have been called at the scene and never transported. But I understand why responders are hesitant to do that. That's a big call to make out in the field and you'd only have to be wrong once to insure a lifetime of bad dreams.

You never know and so you do what you can do and try to give 'em a chance.

Damn depressing though. You kids be careful out there, will ya'?

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