Monday, October 09, 2006

Major Thanks to SondraK Today ......................

I got a link from the Goddess of Goodness, SondraK Herself, today. Cool.

Of course, it figures that a Turd Story does it!

Which leads me to the "Turd Patty" on the Triage area floor, last night. It was a thing of beauty. The Triage Nurse had stepped in it of course. And of course, we both laughed about it. Her Reebok imprint was as clear as a bell. No CSI team needed for that. Lucky she didn't trip over it.
We both figured the Elderly fella with the constipation complaint that had just left the room, as the likely perp.

Jeebus, to think I passed on a plumbers apprenticeship as a kid, because I didn't want to be a "Turd Herder". Karma. It's a bitch.

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