Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Takin' Care of Bizness ............

With apologies to BTO for stealing that line, but that's where I've been lately. One of the Nurses I work with fell asleep while driving home the other morning and ran her car into a tree. She's pretty badly injured and will be laid up for some time even after she get's out of the hospital.

She injured herself pretty badly and I've been pickin' up some of the shifts here to help out the boss. You kids be nice for now and I'll be back in a day or 3.

Maybe say a prayer for her and her family in the meantime. Her husband recently had a fall and broke his arm and it looks like he's gonna have to have surgery on it again. Don't know how either of them will be able to keep up with the 2 little ones.

Troubles, troubles, troubles. She's too nice of a person to have to deal with this. She'll be alright in the long run, but things are gonna' be rough for awhile.

Gotta run.

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