Monday, January 29, 2007

In the Sporting News Today ...............

"Giant slalom Kills and Eats American Skier During Italian Event."

KITZBÃHEL, Austria: Before thousands of terrified onlookers, a Giant Slolom, attacked and killed American Skier, Lindsey Kildow yesterday............. Shown here in her unsuccessful race against the Giant Creature, moments before The Giant Slolom pounced.

After overtaking the skier, the creature killed and devoured Mrs Kildow in full view of horrified spectators.

Rolf Vedrsane, an eyewitness stated "The creature pulled her down from behind and began eating her alive in front of all of us. It was horrible! She never had a chance. So we left and got Hooters Buffalo Wings."

OK, maybe I just dreamed it.

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