Friday, January 19, 2007

Eagles Today!!!!!
Went down to one of the area State Parks today to see if I could spot a few eagles. They have a problem with an over abundance of Shad (A type of Fish) in this particular place. It seems that they have found that by lowering the lake level, it makes the Shad easier prey for the Eagles. So, the Eagles migrate over from the Hotel California, or where ever it is they hang out at normally and eat the shit out of Shad. Someone should inform PETA about this State Sponsored Shad Genacide. OK, maybe not.

I have no idea just how they inform the Eagles that the lake level has been dropped. But damn if there isn't a shitload of Eagles there now.

I counted 11 at one time sitting and flying around the lake.

Here's a couple of crappy pics that I took with my crappy little camera. They were about 100 yards from me here.

There were a shitload of them in this tree. About 200 yards and maxing out the camera. I'm gonna have to break down and look into getting a decent camera.

Unfortunately, the Eagles have been over there for a couple of months and I wasn't aware of it. From what I hear though, they're gonna leave the lake level down for a few more weeks. So I should be able to go check 'em out a few more times before they all head back to wherever it is they normally hang out at.

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