Thursday, January 18, 2007

Y'all Will Have to Forgive Me ........
I have been remiss. So much going on here lately. I'm asshole deep in a couple of projects and may or may not get something interesting up here in the near future.

Or ................ I may go to the beach.

I set that picture as the background on my monitor here at home. Just as a gross out device. Worked well on Dogboy last night.
I swiped this from Professor Schlong, Like I do a lot of the shit I have here. The Man is a genius.

SteveH at Hog on Ice Had one of the most succinct and to the point things to say about how "We are using the credit of The Greatest Generation" that I've read anywhere. It's short, so if you're in a hurry - or a Moron, it's painless. Just go read it. You'll be a better person for it.

Almost time for lunch. Gotta run.


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