Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Weirdest Search Referral Yet ...............
It's pretty entertaining to look thru the sitemeter and see where and how people get to this place. The fact that there's only 20-30 people a day come by here makes it pretty easy too. I'm not at all interested in traffic, so I don't give a shit about that anyway.

It is pretty neat to see where folks come from. Unfortunately, I can only see where about half of the visitors come from and about the same number as to how they found the place. Seems that a lot of ISP providers, and from what I can tell, lot's of individuals have some way of keeping that info from being displayed on the Sitemeter.

But every once in awhile, you get a weird ass Google or Yahoo search string. Like this one -

Yes, Virginia. The search string really DOES read like this:


I'm sure there is:
1) A good reason why anyone would use this particular combination of words on a Google search. No. I can't think of any either.
2) Why the hell my site shows up as the #1 return!

I forgot to get a screen grab of the Sitemeter page. But if memory serves me, the referral came from somewhere in Ireland.

OK. Since we're on the subject of referrals and where the hell you all come from-

I'd appreciate it if you would drop a line in the comments once in awhile. Thanks.

Where the hell is Coralville, Iowa?

You, Up there in Hammond! Are you somebody I know?

You school Teachers. Go rag on Chief for me. No particular reason. Your closer than me, that's all.


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