Thursday, February 15, 2007

Good Time to Be Buying a Weapon ........
It looks like our new bosses in, Sodom on the Potomac, I mean Washington, are considering bringing back the "Scary Looking Gun Ban". Better known as the Assualt Weapons Ban.

You should take a few minutes and go read This Post By Kim DuToit Today where I saw this. Mr Kim is a really interesting read and if you're not reading him now, you should be.

No really, go read it now and then come back here. Check out the second link titled - This Little Plum while you're over there. Then go see how Emperor Mischa tears a new one on the author. Priceless.

I've been paying enough attention to not be surprised by the news that these little Shitstains would be bringing back an absolutely worthless piece of legislation. Well, it's not exactly worthless. It puts one more restriction on law abiding citizens. While slicing another chunk off the Constitution, so I guess that is a good thing to some folks. Present company excluded.

So, it got me to thinking, always a dangerous thing. I'm gonna be on a limited budget for awhile, due to this whole surgery thing. And I don't really have any desire to buy One of these expensive, scary looking bastards -

Besides, I've got a couple of rifles in the 7.62x39 caliber already.

No, I've been wanting something more along the lines of This little gem

Yeah, 7.5 caliber Swiss.
Simple, cheap, $120 and nice.

Or maybe Something in Russian?

Again, simple cheap, $70.
If it's like most of the shit the Russians
make, durable as hell.

Ever see the movie "Enemy at the Gates"? The Russian Snipers were using something like This -

A bit more money at $359, but I could really use the optics as I ain't seeing any better these days.

There's a few others that I've been eyeballin' too. Most of these old bolt action weapons are still fairly affordable. Ammo isn't cheap for any of them, but I may have a line on a reloading setup for next to nothing coming soon.

The funny part is most of these old rifles are not on the list of weapons to be regulated by the "Scary Looking Weapons Ban". So there's no problem for now. They're all cool as shit and fun to shoot. I love shooting and I don't get out and do it enough.

I'm gonna have to get out and get a couple of those Boys from work who REALLY know about shooting and take 'em up on the offers to go to the range. I've been slackin'.

Yeah, I'm talkin' about you, Brian.

OK, enough on Firearm Daydreams for now. We are open for suggestions here, folks.

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