Thursday, February 08, 2007

Why Hasn't Someone Killed These Assholes Yet?????

There was a house fire in Bardstown, KY the other morning. Central Kentucky house fire kills 6 kids, 4 adults. Terrible and sad.

So why am I not surprised to see THIS.

"Bardstown Mayor Dick Heaton also confirmed reports that protesters from the controversial Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kan., intend to travel to Bardstown to protest at the victims’ funerals"

“The best thing you can do for these types of groups is to ignore them,” Heaton said.

Sorry, Mayor Heaton. That's NOT the best thing. But there is probably a law against my even suggesting the solution I have in mind. I'll give you a hint - Bang!

I've written about and had several interactions with this group of Fucksticks in the past. These are the same Sonzabitches who protest at the funerals of our fallen Military Members. Remember Mr. Rogers? They protested at his funeral. How screwed up is that?

Here's a few blurbs on what they think -

"The Amish children from Pennsylvania are even now in hell. Stop spreading the lie that they were innocent. They were just as degenerate and deserving of hell as the pervert who killed them. You get what you deserve, America!"

"Your precious West Virginia coal miners are in hell, America!"

"Coretta Scott King is in hell with her husband, and no amount of caterwauling or glorifying her whoredoms will change that fact. She kicked the righteous blacks off the Freedom Train to make room for her feces eating fag friends, and God will never forgive her for it."

"This is the picture that America deserves. Get used to it! You worship at the fag altar, you get boxes draped in your fag flag coming home!"

Followed by this picture -

Are these some wonderful folks or what?

Yeah, you come on down to Bardstown and protest, folks.


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