Tuesday, February 13, 2007

OK, Update Time From The Bunker...........
Been gone for a few days. Went up North to see my Bestest Buddy Steve. Probably said my last goodbye to him when I left yesterday afternoon. He's goin' fast.

Very strange part is, his tumors are all shrunk down to nothing. But he's developed Paraneoplastic cerabellum Degeneration Syndrome. I'd never heard of this shit before, but after doing some research last night, it seems that this isn't all that uncommon for people with certain types of cancer to get.

Basically, his brain's gone now. Pretty much in a Coma like state and it won't be to long before my friend leaves this world.

If there is anything that can be considered "Good" in all this, it's that basically, He's been pain free. Given what I've seen in most patients with his kind of cancer, being pain free and now unaware of what's going on around him, may indeed be a blessing. It doesn't help his wife and kids any, except on an intellectual level I guess. But it's probably better for Steve.

G-d, I'm gonna miss him.

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