Friday, April 27, 2007

Yep, I've been Ignoring This Place .........
for a week now.

Just not much going on that's of much interest to share. My life is boring as hell to begin with and I just can't bring myself to comment on Rosie (Fuckhead) O'Donnell, Cheryl - "Wipe your ass with 1 square of paper" Crow or any of the other crazy bastards that seem to be in the news this week.
I sure as hell can't get started in on that Rotten Sonsabitch, Harry Reid, all his buddies and their Declarations of Surrender, that they are busy working on in Washington, AKA, Sodom on the Potomac, this week.
My Blood Pressure went up just typing that shit. Jeezuz H. Keyryst! WTF is WRONG with those bastards?
OK, I'm better now. Deep cleansing breath ................ Fuckin' DouchNozzles.
Let's change the subject shall we? Good idea, Unk.

I've finally begun getting in some riding time on the BigBluePlasticKawasaki.

Thankfully, the Extreme Global Warming Trend that was producing all the snow and cold weather seems to have passed on. The surgically repaired throttle hand is working well enough to manage now, too.
Got in the first decent ride last week. 250+ miles of beautiful backroads. Took me most of the day as I stopped and dicked around visiting and what not. That's ok as my ass isn't yet into riding shape yet.

You really do need to get out and work yourself into riding after a layoff. It's not something that you'd normally think about, but there are a lot of physical factors related to riding a cycle. I suppose if you ride a Gold Wing or one of the other big Touring bikes those sort of things are mitigated somewhat by the luxurious accouterments, but on a bike like mine, it takes a bit to work up to long, high mileage days. 250 miles was a good early season day. Just enough to make you sore.

The saddle on my bike is getting pretty broke down after 56,000 miles too. I'm gonna really have to think about replacing it with something a bit more comfortable this year.

I love this bike. It's been a very good bike for me and I'm gonna keep it another year at least. Since Kawasaki discontinued this bike last year, I'm not sure what I'll be replacing it with.

Here's the new Concours, Kawasaki is replacing the old one with. Very Spiffy. All the cool stuff and about 160HP. Like I need that.

It's gonna be way more than I want to spend, so it's probably out for me.

Hey, that's how things work. I could just keep mine and spend what I have to to keep it going. I may even look for another one like mine with low mileage. Who knows? I still like this one.

I feel lucky as hell that I'm able to be considering these choices.

Life is good.

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