Monday, May 07, 2007

Damn. Cleaning Out Fence Line is Hard Work ...........
I knew there was a reason I'd let this job go for awhile. Whew! My old ass is worn out. Dug out a bunch of Mulberry trees and wild rosebushes today. My name for Mulberry trees is "Dammit Trees". As in, "Dammit! There's another one!" Thank G-d I had Dogboy helping me.

<--Maybe I need some of this shit, 'eh? Ok, maybe not. Just a thought.
The good news is I won't have to dig out anymore big ones in this area again. The bad news is there's a whole bunch more fence row that needs to be cleared. It's basically a full time job. All the fence was overgrown when I moved here and there was a stack of old car parts and trashed lawn movers, along with a bunch of other shit all stacked up along about 100 yards of fence when I got here.

I've been cleaning it up a bit at a time. 14 truck loads of parts, mowers, etc to the recyclers so far. Maybe 3 to go. Doesn't look quite so Hillbilly now.

There's still a bunch of small trees and Roses to go. And one long stretch of Honeysuckle that's taken over. I love the way that stuff smells, but it's damn near impossible to keep it contained or controlled. I'm not even wantin' to think about all the wild Blackberries that need Nuked.

Roundup is your friend.

I let a lot of this crap go last year after the Doc's told me to stay the hell out of the sunlight. Lupus and sunlight's not a real good mix and it really puts a crimp in your energy level. I'm also treating the skin cancer on my ears now with some Toxic Ass Shit that's makin' them look like somebody poured lighter fluid on 'em and lit it.

Screw it. I bought a big ol' straw hat. So I'm gonna get the garden going again this year too.
Shit, I live in the friggin country. May as well act like it.

Or maybe I could get a couple of real woman, like these two to help.
"Hey Honey, when you're done diggin' that tree out, toss this engine block up in the truck for me."

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