Thursday, May 24, 2007

More Treason by Our Media Masters........
Well, at least it wasn't the New York Times.


This time.

No, this time it was F**king ABC News.

Good Lord. Intelligence of that type had to come from a very well placed leak in one of the Intelligence Agencies. Most likely the CIA, which has had an ongoing war with the Bush White House. Every swinging dick involved with the release of this story should be hanging in irons right now with Dick Cheney supervising the interrogations. "Get that Blowtorch on the right testicle only. We may need to light up the other one if this Dipstick decides to be a hero! And what the hell happened to my Cattle Prod!"
In my dreams.

This is what, the 3rd or 4th MAJOR Intelligence leak in the last 3 years?
If George had a pair he'd have all these SpoogeWads begging to tell 'em where this info came from. I'd f**k 'em up right quick, get the answers, round up the perps, load 'em all on a C-130 and dump the whole sorry lot of them about 300 miles offshore. From about 20,000 feet. Sans parachute.

If only. No hope against the "Defeat at any cost" crowd playing it by their rules. Time to start fighting back.
Tell 'em, Johnny.

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