Friday, December 28, 2007

Damn. Tweaked My Back Again.......
Just turning around yesterday. Didn't do anything exciting or strenuous, just turned around and ...... wham!
I hate it.

In other news, one of the dogs got hit by a car last night.

I got home from work last night a little after Midnight and as is usual, let the 3 stooges out to do their doggie thing. The little one, who doesn't listen to well on a good day, took off across the road to leave a dump in the field there.

And then proceeded to stand in the middle of the road while a car came bearing down on him. Just frickin' stood there. The driver finally saw him and hit the brakes hard and swerved to avoid him.

But he got clipped. I couldn't see exactly what happened but I was really surprised when he got up and came running to the house. Lost some fur and had a shitload of road rash. No obvious fractures, as everything seems to work correctly.

He's been laying around all morning and whining when he does move much today. Queen Buffness has his dumbass at the Vet's office now, so we'll what comes of this later.

I've been laying around myself today, but I don't think I need to go to the Vet yet.

Mr Motrin is my friend. Along with an ice pack.
I see a nap coming.

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