Friday, February 22, 2008

Something Cool for Y'all....
Here's a little online Radio thingy I came across recently.

Pandora Radio

It works on an algorithm called The Genome Project. Don't know much about how that works, but it is really neat-o.

Pick an Artist who you like and it will create a station of songs that are similar. In theory, you should like them. But if one comes up that you don't like, vote it down and the algorithm changes. Same thing if a song that you really like comes up. Give it a thumbs up and it goes off from there.

I have yet to put an artist in that they haven't been able to run with. And what's really nice is they play songs and artists that I haven't heard in years or that I've never even heard of.

Yer Unk gives it a big thumbs up and I think you will too.

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