Monday, June 30, 2008

It's the Little Things in Life.......
That make a difference. To an ER nurse, anything that makes your job easier is a blessing.

Enter young male dickhead per EMS. After making a suicidal gesture by taking a combination of medications and washing them down with copious amounts of cheap whiskey.

Also Known as - An Underdose.

EMS reports that this combination of toxins had not settled to well with the stomach of young Dickhead and said stomach had performed a "Crash Evacuation Maneuver" about the time that they arrived to retrieve his ass.

Praise be. With the report of many intact and undigested pills in the mess (Which EMS kindly kept off young Dickhead by directing his flow on to the floor of HIS OWN HOUSE instead of my ER) I can now convince Old Time Doctor that WE don't need to empty his stomach here.

This is a good thing.

Stuffing a tube down his nose and pushing charcoal into him to absorb whatever wasn't emptied out in the dumping prior, is a whole lot easier when Dickhead is too drunk to give a shit and a hell of a lot easier than the other options we could be doing.

Time to insert, Mr Foley catheter. Young Dickhead starts to squirm on this one but the catheter goes in pretty smoothly despite his bearing down against it.

Unk to Coworker - "Thank G-d for young Prostate Glands. That's so much easier than old guys."

Coworker - "No shit. You don't have to fight them AND the Prostate."

Yep, it's little things like that that make a difference when you've got an ER full of people to take care of and just don't have the time to spare or the energy to waste.

Use yer Brains. That's what I say.


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