Thursday, March 19, 2009

Places I wouldn't care to live .....
TherapyBoy (My oldest Son) and I took a run up to The Beer Store the other day. No big deal, We had worked hard and I needed a cold one.

The Beer Store is located in a little bitty country town about 6 miles from my place. Very convenient, as the next closest is about twice that.

We were about 3 blocks (The far side of this little town) from The Beer Store when TherapyBoy, out of the blue, starts yelling. STOP! STOP! STOP! GO BACK!!!!

I damn near had a coronary.

Being the good dad that I am, I went back to see what he was all spastic about.

Well, imagine my surprise. I've been coming to The Beer Store for close to 8 years and never noticed this -

That's just wrong.

Really, do I even need to make the jokes here?

Needless to say we had a hell of a laugh about this and both of us decided that we don't want to live on this street.

I seriously wish I kept a camera with me all the time. I have missed a few really good street signs over the years.

Here's one from a another little Indiana town I got last Fall -

WTF were they thinking about?

I don't care what kind of house, how cheap or how nice.
Not gonna live on THAT street.

I've decided to start carrying the camera with me from now on.

Spring is coming, or more accurately, is here now and motorcycle days are coming on strong. And that's a good reason to be getting out. Any excuse to ride is a good excuse.

I'll have to pay more attention though. How did I miss that first one for so long?

Gratuitous picture for today -


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