Monday, April 27, 2009

More Monday Stuff .......
Even with all the wood still not cut and stacked to dry I feel pretty good. I don't usually get a hell of a lot done on Mondays after working the weekends so today was good.

The nice warm weather probably had some thing to do with that.

I see the farmers out trying to get things prepped before the rain gets here. They'll be working the fields under the lights till the rain hits later.

Legalized gambling. I have a lot of respect for farmers. They have to plan a year in advance, without any idea what the market or the weather is gonna be like and just do it.

God love 'em.

If you have a bad year in the garden because of a flood, etc, you're not likely to starve or go broke. Not so for farmers.

I transplanted some Strawberries last Friday. The old Berry patch had become a mess after the long neglect of not gardening. There were still a few plants that have been hanging on though. These plants also have wonderful tasting berries so I transplanted them into two of the new 4x12' beds I built last year.

There's one of the happy little Berry plants there.

A lot of them are putting out blossoms now, but I'm gonna pinch them off to encourage more growth and runners.

Hopefully, I'll have a whole new bed prepped for them next year and can transplant them again and get berries then.

The Asparagus bed hasn't done to well this year. Not sure if the cold weather is to blame or what. That's another project for this Summer. Getting a bed prepped for more Asparagus, too.

I've got a butt load of seed that I'm starting for transplanting in the Fall. Assuming that I have the bed prepped. Hopefully, in 3 years I'll have a 50' bed of Asparagus.

Check out how things are doing in the HoopHouse -

Boy, those Maters like it in there. They're about 3' high now.

It's gonna take me awhile to figure out how to best utilize the HoopHouse, but I'm already leaning towards, Spring should be for transplants and Fall should be for season extension. If you already have experience with this kinda thing, go ahead and say, "Well Duh".
Or better yet. Drop me a comment and point me in the right direction.
Comments are good and always appreciated.

Here's some more HoopHouse pictures.

Lettuce - Spinach - Radishes- Big ass clump of Lettuce.

Here's a bunch of transplants waiting to happen.
Peppers, Cukes and Melons. Both Watermelons and Muskmelons.

I've really enjoyed this HoopHouse so far.
Not knowing anything about what I'm doing only adds to the, "Oh Wow" factor.

It's good to be out learning new things.

I see nothing but good things from this.

OK. Enough for today.
More on the Garden for Surly tomorrow.

Gratuitous Monday Night Picture ...

Peony. Opened today, but will be gone in a day or two.


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