Friday, April 17, 2009

Excellent Ride Today ......
Out and about in Southern Indiana on the BigBluePlasticMotorcycle today.

Today was one of the first nice riding days where Global Warming wasn't keeping the temperature near, "Cold as Shit and Raining".

I got out about 10 am and rode till about 5pm. Nothing but backroads and 2 lanes through the hills and down by the Ohio River.

Beautiful. Sunny and around 70 degrees. Perfect weather for riding.

I made a lot of stops and talked to a lot of nice folks as I just leisurely took my time and enjoyed the day.
Put in close to 200 miles and never got further than 60-70 miles from home.

I stopped at Patriot Indiana and was smoking along the Ohio River when I saw this Big Ass boat coming. Turns out it was The Belle of Cincinnati heading down to Louisville for the big Thunder Weekend.
The picture I took with the wife's cellphone camera sucked, so I googled this one so you could see what she looks like.

Yeah. Pretty cool.

Overall, a very nice day and I needed it.

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