Thursday, May 14, 2009

Alien Invaders in the Yard.......

The Sun has poked a hole through the rain clouds this afternoon. I looked out in the back yard and what do I see?
Guinea Hens!

Oh wait, there's more!

They are a regular hoot to watch.

They make the craziest damn noises as they amble around eating.

One of the nice things is they eat ticks like machines. That's one of the big reasons to have them around.

Even if they didn't eat ticks they'd be worth having just for the entertainment factor alone.

Speaking of ticks and other bloodsucking pests - I just got off the phone with a Minion that works in the office of Senator Dick Lugar.

It seems that the Senator really is in favor of the CIFTA treaty. I can't think of any reason why this should be, but nothing should surprise me about this dickhead anymore.

Here's a short video from Lou Dobbs about CIFTA with Senator Lugar as a bonus.

And here is David Codrea in a column almost a month ago.

I called Lugars office last month and have yet to hear anything about this so I called again today. The Minion I spoke with today was barely even civil. I always try to be pleasant and put on my happy voice when I call legislators. Being a dick will get you nowhere so be polite at least.

This treaty is another round about way to institute more gun control without anyone in our .Gov going out on a limb and introducing it.

"Hey, It's a Treaty. Don't get all upset." Congress has no say on it. Only the Senate. And with RINO's like Dick Lugar coming out in favor of this treay, you have to worry that it could get legs.

So get on the phones and call your Senators. Even if the Minion you speak to is a shit, be polite and tell them you seriously disagree with the CIFTA Treaty.

That's it. Just do it.

Gratuitous Picture for the Afternoon-

Unless you help, this Instructor of the GrumpyUnk Sniper School could be out of a job.


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