Monday, June 01, 2009

Manic Monday Follows Psycho Sunday......

And Saturday.
This weekend was a regular fruit salad in the ER. I've said for a long time that the overall, Weirdness Level seems to be ratcheting up.

Weekends like this past one only reinforce that belief.

Let me clarify one thing here. Really, honest to God Crazy's don't bother me. Sure, just like most of the people who are on this earth they irritate me.

But real Batshit Crazy people can't help it anymore than someone who's diabetic having an insulin problem.

We only had one Genuine Crazy Bastard this weekend. The rest and there was a shitload of them, were just Assholes. That's pretty much how it always is.

The problem with so much of these people is that society puts up with their Bullshit instead of kicking the shit out of them till they learn to behave.

I can pretty well guarantee that if you get the shit kicked out of you everytime you act like an asshole most people will figure it out and behave better or they'll end up dead.

Either way the problem gets solved and the government doesn't have to spend money supporting these useless pieces of shit.

Again, real Crazy Bastards need the help. All those "Personality Disorder" shitwads just need a shock collar till they figure it out.

One of these would work too -


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