Monday, May 18, 2009

A Long Day of Study.......

It was a beautiful day today. Mid to high 60's without a cloud in the sky.
And I didn't get a darn thing done around here.

I have bi-annual recertification classes scheduled for the next 2 days at work. Pediatric and Adult Advanced Life Support.

I've taken both of these classes at least 5-6 times or more, but it's something that needs to be done to stay in compliance with hospital policy and it's just a good idea to have an organized review of this info every now and then.

Thank G-d I don't have to do a lot of Pediatric resuscitations, so a review is way better than staying sharp by doing it all the time.
That would definitely suck. Unlike on TV, most people or kids DON'T come back after they code. If they crump right in front of you the odds are way better, but unfortunately, a lot of the time we don't get them in time to make a difference. Unless there was someone at the scene who can do good, quality CPR till EMS shows up. But that doesn't happen much.

In a large rural county like this, it may be 15 minutes till EMS shows up. This ain't a knock on them, even with 3-4 stations scattered around the county, it's a huge area and there's a lot of waaaaaaaaay out yonder to cover.

So I spent the day cleaning and doing household chores and going over things that I don't use to often and brushing up.

I'd have rather been out working in the garden, but all in all it's time well spent.
Ya never know when a piece of info you forgot will come back at the right time to make a difference.

Because shit does happen in this world. I've been doing this for quite a few years now and I can remember every Young Kid or Baby I ever coded.

They come and visit in, what I call, "The Gallery of Bad Dreams" every so often and I get to see the faces again. Even if I don't want to.

Never know when or why they come and visit. They just do & I doubt that this is unique to me. Adults never bother me as that's just the way life is and dying is part of it.

Kids? Never good. Just not how it's supposed to work. Kids are supposed to bury us. Not the other way around.

OK, I'm gonna go back to reviewing all of the drug dosages that I can't remember without my cheat sheets in real life, but won't be able to use tomorrow.

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