Thursday, May 28, 2009

They Never Stop .........

Via Jennifer at Liberty Belles Here Comes the Bullet Ban

"The usual suspects in New York and California have introduced legislation that would require you to register your ammunition and would limit the number of rounds you could buy per month."

What part of "Shall not be infringed" do these people not understand?

It's been 14 days now since my last communication with Senator Dick Lugar (RINO,IN) mentioned Here regarding the CIFTA Treaty. Two calls and no response yet.

I was reminded of this while visiting curmudgeonly & skeptical this morning as he had the Lou Dobbs video of Lugar on the CIFTA treaty.

Lugar was a good Senator at one time. He started getting hinky a few years ago, but really went around the bend during last years push to give amnesty to all the Illegals. Whatever virus he's infected with I guess it's gone systemic in Washington.

These silly Bastards just keep pushing for more ways to disarm and piss off the law abiding folks in this country.
There appears to be no cure for this.

Gratuitous Picture for Thursday Morning-
On second thought, maybe there is.

UPDATE - Via David Codrea

Gun-rights advocates plan to rally this week against legislation that would require ammunition purchases to be logged into a statewide database for tracking purposes.

Good for them.

Rope. Tree. Politician.
Some Assembly Required.

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