Friday, July 31, 2009

OK. Is it Just Me?????
Or are Paintings of a nude Obama and Unicorns just weird?

Whew. This Messiah Thing just gets weirder everyday.

Darn good likeness of his wife here, but damn, that looks gay as hell.

I'm not sure what Hugh Laurie is doing in this one.
But, Stalin? That makes perfect sense.

I'm also not so sure WTF is happening inside the head of Dan Lacey, but YerUnk has to wonder if there's not a big ball of snakes in there maybe?

Another Gratuitous Picture for a Friday Evening-

Here's, Gentleman Jim Corbett. A stud who went 21 rounds with John L. Sullivan. Knocking his ass out to win the World Boxing Championship in 1892.

21 rounds. Think about that.

After all that Gay Ass Obama and Unicorn shit I figured we needed some testosterone to regain the balance here.

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