Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Canner Has Been Busy.....

Jelly, Salsa and the first of the beans. There's more beans in the canner now. And a shitload more waiting to be put into jars.

I should go rob a bank. I think my fingerprints have been worn off from prepping beans.

I was surprised how many it takes to make one 6 quart batch in the canner.
We've just gotten started on the beans. There's a wheel barrow load of Tomatoes out in the garage yet that haven't been gotten to yet also.

And the Garden is full yet.

That's the kind of problems to have. Too much food to process.

The weather today was brutal. High 80's low 90's and 100% humidity. I didn't get a damn thing done outside.
Don't even feel guilty about it. I just fold up in no time when it gets like this.

The Queen and I are heading up North tomorrow evening for a quick overnighter to see the Niece make her big debut in a stage show.

Friends will be watching the Command and Control Bunker and taking care of the critters.

I wish they knew how to run the Canner. It's not like there isn't things to be done.

It's all good & It'll wait for a day.

Gratuitous Picture for a Wednesday Night-
Tree Lover, Maybe?

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