Tuesday, September 22, 2009

For Those of You .....
Racist Bastards who still don't get it.

This Guy has created a chart so you knuckle dragging haters will get the picture.
As always, click to embiggen the picture.

There. See how it works?

Does it make sense
NOW why so many media folks and politicians are calling you racist?

And if you're interested in what the next phase of this hate campaign is gonna be like like, check out the reasoned discourse from this guy - The Next Civil War is About to Begin

"In fact, these mobs are composed of overlapping hate-driven sub-groups including extreme racists, irrational xenophobes, ignorant secessionists, insane anti-abortionists, KKK loyalists without their dunce-headed robes, gun-crazy militants, and moronic malcontents who are inspired by hate-mongers like Douche Limpbra, Shame Hannity, Mickey Mouse Savage, Anorexic Annie Coulter, Moronic Malkin, and, of course, Brain-damaged Beck. They're increasingly incited by the FOX Noise Liars Club and encouraged by the Greed Over People (GOP) party (since all of these miscreants like to call people they don't like by names other than their own, I decided a while back that they deserve the same treatment)".

This BS isn't really new, but since, Nancy Pelosi started her crying jag about her fears of violence last week, this kind of shit seems to be popping up all over.

So get ready for the next wave of hate.

And you might as well go buy ammo now because they seem intent on creating a self fulfilling prophesy.

Off to work, Kids.
Gratuitous Picture for a Tuesday Morning-
And keep your beer safe!

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