Friday, October 09, 2009

It's Almost Like They're Trying to Destroy What's Left .......
Of the Economy.

" the first 20 years of the act, up to 1997, commitments totaled approximately $200 billion. But from 1997 to 2007, commitments exploded to more than $4.2 trillion. (Keep in mind this is more than four times the size of the current health bill being debated in Congress.)"

The CRA was the engine that drove the housing market off the cliff like Thelma and Louise in that convertible.

Seriously, who could possibly think it would be a good time to EXPAND this loser?

4.2 TRILLION in Bad Loans!!!
Do you know how many Fucking Zeros are in a G-d Damned TRILLION dollars???

TWELVE. as in 1. Followed by 000,000,000,000. Jeebus! No wonder the economy is in the shit.

ACORN was right in the middle of this shit too. This is the time when we should be hunting down ACORN workers and having summary executions. Who the hell thought it was a GOOD IDEA to drag their ass into this shit again? Haven't they fucked up enough shit already??

Note the timeline when this shit started climbing. Clinton and Bush. Both of those assholes need their balls kicked in. Retroactively if nothing else.

Barny Frank and Chris Dodd both should be Perp Walked out and strung up on the nearest lamp post as an example for anyone who even thinks the CRA needs a boost. Hell, they both need to be strung up because of the FIRST 4.2 Trillion we the taxpayers were left holding.

There are a whole lot of SonzaBitches in Washington who should get a Hemp Necktie already because of where we are economically.
We are already at a point where there is no possible way that the debt we have already can be repaid. It's not possible. These fucking geniuses should be thinking of ways to CUT expenses NOT shell out more mortgages to losers who can't pay.

It's getting to the point that I have to wonder if this kinda shit isn't deliberate.
Tin Foil Hat Moment for YerUnk?
Fuck if I know.

But one thing I am pretty damn sure of though is this -

If G-d opened up the ground beneath Washington DC and the whole friggin place dropped straight to hell, it would only take about a week for there to be a whole shitload of new Unions, regulatory agencies, oversight committees and bureaucrats to make life for The Damned even worse.

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