Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday Morning.....
Off to work in the ER for the weekend. Odds of Post Holiday Zombie Influx today? Pretty high I'd guess.

Holidays and the end of the month both lend themselves to increased Zombie traffic. The scripts of percocet, methadone and hydrocodone are not due for refill till next Tuesday, the 1st of December.

So you know where they go. We in the ER are the front line, go to guys in times of need.

So yeah, I expect an ER full of drug seeking Zombies this weekend.

For a graphic representation of what a REAL Zombie Apocalypse will look like check out that link. That's some funny shit there. Pretty well done and sums up the horror movie standard plot quite well. I have no talent for doing things like this and appreciate those who do.
Go check it out for a grin.

Gratuitous Picture for a Saturday Morning-

Shoud have used this one on yesterdays post.


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