Monday, November 02, 2009

Selfish Zombie Assholes in the ER .....
Had a crazy weekend in the ER. The full moon effect was cranking up the Zombies.
The place was busy as hell with a combination of real genuine sick people, drug seekers and just goofy assholes that were pissing me off from the get go.

So many people just don't seem to understand what the "Emergency" in Emergency Room stands for.

When things are busy and a real emergency presents, we take care of the emergency.

When I was in the Army, they defined an emergency as, "Any condition that if left untreated may lead to the eminent loss of Life, Limb or Sight."

Pretty simple. And if it's you or one of your loved ones who's in trouble, you'd be damn glad that we drop all the non-urgent shit and concentrate on the emergency at hand.

It probably won't surprise you that there are a lot of people who could give less than a shit about you or your loved ones problem if it means that they can't get their ER visit completed in a timely fashion that fits their schedule.

I've run into this many times over the years and it always pisses me the hell off. The ER staff is busting their ass to save some poor bastard and some Zombie Shithead gets mouthy because they have to wait.

I don't routinely get into pissing contests with Zombie Assholes while at work because it's just not worth the effort. But if some Sonzabitch continues to mouth off and make trouble after it's been explained to them that there is a true emergency going on? Count me in. I guess that's just one of my Hot Button issues that I can't let go.

Happened again the other evening and I damn near came unhinged.
I finally asked the selfish bastard, "Would you like us to quit working on this critical patient and just let her die so you can make it home in time to watch, Dancing with the stars?"

I must have hit a nerve because he started raving about having his lawyer sue us all because he and his Zombie wife had to spend a total of 3 hours in the ER.
I laughed right in his face and encouraged him to call his lawyer and have at it.
I also wrote the bosses name and number on his discharge instructions for him and encouraged him to call her and complain telling him, "I'd like to hear you explain how horrible it was for you to have sacrifice a little of your precious time so that the ER staff could save a life."

When I worked in the Big City ER it was not unusual to see people wait 7-8 hours before they even got out of the waiting room.

It's no wonder our country is so screwed up with so many selfish bastards like this prick running around.

What this asshole doesn't understand is this. If HE came in with his ass in a bad way, we'd drop everything and try our best to keep his dumb ass alive.

That's how an Emergency Room works.

Gratuitous Picture for a Monday-

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