Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Overreach of the Colossus.........

While I was out riding the BigBluePlasticMotorcycle today, it seems that some Einstein in congress decided that We should just change the rules and pass that Health Care Monstrosity without even voting on it again.

Or something of that nature. Read Ace's explanation of this thing at the link.

Geezus H. Keyriist on a crutch. A guy can't even go out and spend a nice sunny day on his motorcycle without coming home to find out that these Commie Sonzabitches are trying to circumvent the Constitution once again.
Just so they can jam that fuggin Abortion of a Health Care bill up our asses by any means they can.

Here's some more on this Horseshit. Again, from Ace of Spades.

I don't know why shit like this surprises me anymore. It's like Obama and his evil bitch minions are in a race to destroy this country.

Hell, maybe they are.

I really doubt that they will get to enjoy the "Workers Paradise" they hope to create for any length of time though.

There will be a damn revolt if they cram this thing through like this.
These folks don't seem to understand the concepts of "Rule of Law", "Law of unintended Consequences" or "The Self Fulfilling Prophecy".
Furthermore, we the people understand that if the Government doesn't have to obey the law then we won't either.

Yeah, and keep calling all of us who don't wish to be a part of this Commie Takeover, "Terrorists". That shit may not work out so well for you if even a small number of folks ever do decide to call you on that and act accordingly.

This is gonna get seriously ugly Kids.

You all should think long and hard about that and plan accordingly if you haven't already.

Gratuitous song for a Wednesday Night-
Couldn't find a live version so you'll just have to settle for the music.

Here's another one of Trower. Live about 4-5 years ago.
Dude's still got it.

Oh hell, here's one more.


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