Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Here's Something to Build Your Confidence in the Government.........

With all the BS being spouted recently about how anyone who disagrees with the Obama Administration being a "Potential Domestic Terrorist" and Fucking Bill Clinton talking shit about how we are all just little, Tim McVeigh's in waiting last week, I couldn't even think about things like that yesterday.

And so my blood pressure doesn't spike to much I'll just let you read this - Short piece on Waco

One little snippet here. It gets better.

"[T]here is the post hoc justification for the use of CS tear-gas in the raid offered by the US Justice Department and senior Clinton administration officials. The public generally, and even the Congressional hearings, seem to have accepted that the children at Waco were gassed and then died as, in effect, “collateral damage” in the course of a raid aimed at their parents."

Read it and remember that these were the people who's constant mantra was "We're doing it for the children".

And don't think they wouldn't do it to your kids.
Gotta go to work now. You have a good day.

Gratuitous Picture for a Tuesday Morning-

Summer is coming, sign the little ones up now.

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