Friday, April 09, 2010

Romanian PSL Range Time.........

Went to the range the other day and my friend brought his new PSL Rifle along for Me, My Brother and DogBoy to shoot.

Oh My!!!! YerUnk has a serious lust on for one of these.

Since this thing shoots the same caliber rounds as my old Mosin Nagant Commie Cannons (Light ball only. No heavy stuff.) I brought along a bunch of ammo so he wouldn't have to supply that too.

We all got a chance to shoot quite a bit and quite frankly, this is a damn nice rifle for the price.
These are new production rifles & not parts kit guns.
It's a bit rough around the edges and doesn't have the finish that most of us who shoot AR platforms are used to. But it wasn't sloppy or nasty by any means and nicer than a lot of AK rifles I've seen.

And it's quite accurate. Or at least it's accurate enough for what it's designed for. It's not a true sniper rifle but damn if I'd want to volunteer to stand 600 meters downrange as a target.

I'll concede right up front that both DogBoy and my Brother are both better shooters than I am. My visual problems just make it difficult to be as good a shooter as I'd like to be.

The brother should be better by virtue of both better vision and training.
DogBoy is just a damn natural and could be a superb shot with a bit more training and practice. The Little shit.

The scope on this rifle is nothing fancy but really makes it a lot easier for me to shoot.
I see optics in my future.
It's only a 4 power scope but it helps me immensely. I dicked around with the zero and after only one mag (10 rounds) was able to get hits in a 4" group at 200 yards. I'd be able to tighten that up with 10 more rounds but we were running out of time.

Of course, DogBoy was getting groups of 2" at that same range right off the get go.

Yeah, you can tell he likes it.

BTW, He really doesn't look quite that crazy most of the time.

No really. His inner Jack Nicholson was coming through here is all.

Here he is getting his Simo Häyhä on again.

Yes I know I posted this same picture earlier today, but I needed something to offset the crazy look of that last photo.

Back to the PSL.
The trigger, while not light, wasn't excessively heavy either and broke cleanly.

Overall this is an easy rifle to shoot, is as accurate as it's designed for (which is hitting a man sized target and not a 6" paper circle), cheap to shoot and affordable at only $579 bucks.

I definitely see one of these things in my collection soon.

Gratuitous Picture for a Friday Night-
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