Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Afternoon and All is Well..........

All things considered It's all good.

Quite a week here at the "GrumpyUnk Command and Control Bunker". This has been an expensive and at times frustrating week. But hey, it can always be worse. Lots of expensive things broke this week and I'm officially tapped out till who knows when.

That's frustrating but there's really nothing much to be done about it so I'll quit whining now and move on to other things.

Must have picked 6-7 gallons of Blackberries over the last week or so. I'm still waiting for that Cobbler the wife promised though.

Picked and canned 24 quarts of green beans and put in a whole bunch more for a Fall crop. Should have 60+ quarts from this planting. Like I said, I put in a bunch more.

The Tomatoes are finally coming on. That took longer than expected but are worth the wait.

Peppers, of which I should have planted a lot more of are coming in nicely and I pulled several dozen onions yesterday and have them setting out drying.

The damn weeds have about overtaken every place in the garden that wasn't mulched down heavily and I've spent way to much time out there in the heat pulling and cleasning the place up this week.

Still looks pretty shabby yet and that upsets my, Teutonic Sense of Orderliness.
Hey, what can I say, it's in the genes. It's gonna take me a few more days to get it back in shape though.

The weather folks on the news said it was 98 degrees today. Odd. Yes it's obvious that it's hot out, but it seems a hell of a lot more tolerable out there today. Less humidity and a nice breeze. It ain't bad at all if you're in the shade. I spent a few hours cutting grass after I worked on the weeds this morning and don't feel any worse for wear.

Temps in the 90's seem to be the way it's gonna be this Summer. I could take it a better if the humidity stays down like this. Don't know about global, but my little corner of the world has been plenty warm this Summer so far.

I can't speak for other places but this hot weather has been pretty good for boosting beer sales locally.
Thinking about that............... See ya later. I gotta make a beer run.

I WON'T be buying any of THIS BEER- "Beer to be sold in dead animals"
Not that the little Beer Store where I go is gonna have any of that anyhow.

Gratuitous Picture for a Friday Evening-

No fast food though.


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