Monday, August 09, 2010

There Should Probably Be a Heat Warning..........
That tells you when it's, "So damn hot you can't even sit in the shade and drink beer kinda Hot."

Hit 98 degrees today. Yeah, the humidity has dropped some, but damn. Hot out there today.

This weekend in the ER was an absolute friggen' asskicker. I stayed over a couple of hours last night because it was just so damn busy I couldn't abandon those guys. We had multiple "Really sick MoFo's" and a ton of, Not really emergencies, but folks who THOUGHT their problem demanded that they present to the ER for "IMMEDIATE" treatment. Which means they also think that "They are the only person in the universe who requires treatment - NOW!"

I wish it were possible (Read- Legal) to take these type of self centered assholes over to the room where the guy with esophageal varices was spraying blood and clots across the entire room as he vomited - every 5 minutes or so- and point out to them, "THAT is an Emergency! You have a minor medical problem and ain't gonna die anytime soon. Asshole!"

Of course we can't do or say any such shit like that as it may be construed as being, "Rude or Insensitive" and may offend the tender sensibilities of our clientele.

People just don't seem to give a shit that there are other folks who really may die if we don't take care of them immediately. The twisted ankle, kid with a fever (who they didn't bother to give any tylenol to), upset stomach, etc, all think they are more in need of our time than the guy having the friggin' "Big One"!

It may be difficult for normal people to appreciate how it feels to have some asshole sticking his head into a room in the middle of a code and complaining about how long he's been waiting while you're in the middle of doing chest compressions on a dude that was alive and talking to you just a minute earlier.


OK. That's not correct. They do get it. They just don't give a shit.
It's getting harder for me to take that shit from self centered assholes anymore. The problem is, there's more of them everyday.

That's a true story & happened a few years ago. Some asshole really did stick his head in a room during the middle of a code and bitch at me while I was doing chest compressions, about what was taking so long and why hadn't we fixed his little problem yet.

Really, how the hell are you supposed to even answer someone like that?

Same bullshit with the folks who
need stitches but have multiple piercings and tattoos and then complain about how thsy are "Afraid of needles." Oh, fuck me running! If you have a God Damn TONGUE piercing, I don't want to hear about your fucking, "Fear of needles" problem!

And folks wonder why EMS personnel have bad attitudes.

I don't hold out a whole lot of hope for our nation. There's no way things can turn out well when we have assholes like this around and there are still laws that prohibit us from killing these, Useless Parasites whenever encountered.

Gratuitous Picture for a Monday Night-


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