Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Summer She's Coming On Strong".........

Damn, that's a great song. I had this song stuck in my head all afternoon as I was out in the garden picking beans & figured y'all should enjoy it too.

As a young lad, I saw this band many years ago and have never forgotten how good they were.

But the Garden is coming on strong and, tired as I was today, I still dragged my ass out there under the hot sun and picked beans. These aren't green beans, but soup beans that you'd buy in a bag at the grocery store, dried out already.
I really don't know the official name for them. I always have always heard them called, Cranberry Beans.

I call them Michael's Beans because my friend Michael Boone gave me the starter seeds for these several years ago.
They are a very prolific and easy to grow bean.
I got a huge pile of them today. Filled one of those big ass, Tupperware style boxes. I'm still gonna have to shell them out and dry them a little bit more, but that's all good. I've got a bunch of 1 gallon jars that we'll put them in after they're dried out nicely.
Good eating fer sure.

The Blackberries have just been crazy this year. I only got through 1/2 of the patch tonight and here's what I got-

That's a big ass bowl, by the way, as you can see by the hat there for comparison.

It's been an everyday thing to get at least this many berries. I figure there's about a week left on these things.

Good enough and I'll take it. QueenBuffness has been cleaning them and sticking them in the freezer for now. Jelly will be happening as she gets more time. She made an asskick pie from some earlier today.

Damn, Summer IS coming on strong!

Tomatoes are coming online now and in a week or so it'll be, full speed ahead on canning them.

QueenBuffness has really gotten the canning thing down and kicks ass on processioning all of the things that come on from the garden.
Yes, it's a lot like work.
But damn if it's not worth it.

There's no question about how it was grown or where it came from.
There are no Illegal migrant workers shitting out in the fields and passing along and sharing their own special blend of E-Coli to us. I like that.

That's about it for today. I'm still recuperating from the 4 day day stretch.


Gratuitous Picture for a Wednesday Night-


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