Thursday, August 05, 2010

Thursday Morning............

Got a little shower here this morning. Not as much as we needed but any rain is better than what we've had lately.

Finished up shelling out the Black Beans this morning. Didn't get a huge amount, 7 lbs, but I only planted one 4x14' bed so that's a pretty decent amount from a single bed.
The wife, QueenBuffness knows what to do with them, too! She made an asskick meal from some of last years Black Beans the other night.

She's really become a darn good cook since I first married her. It's amazing that I'm not fat as a hog.

Here's a little something to piss you off this morning-

Fallen Soldiers' Families Denied Cash as Insurers Profit

"The package arrived at Cindy Lohman’s home in Great Mills, Maryland, just two weeks after she learned that her son, Ryan, a 24-year-old Army sergeant, had been killed by a bomb in Afghanistan. It was a thick, 9-inch-by- 12-inch envelope from Prudential Financial Inc., which handles life insurance for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Inside was a letter from Prudential about Ryan’s $400,000 policy. And there was something else, which looked like a checkbook. The letter told Lohman that the full amount of her payout would be placed in a convenient interest-bearing account, allowing her time to decide how to use the benefit.

“You can hold the money in the account for safekeeping for as long as you like,” the letter said. In tiny print, in a disclaimer that Lohman says she didn’t notice, Prudential disclosed that what it called its Alliance Account was not guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., Bloomberg Markets magazine reports in its September issue."
(Bold mine)

Yeah, No FDIC Insurance & they're making 3% by holding it for ya. Ain't that swell.

Rotten Bastards. I hope the Sonovabitch that came up with that idea ends up with a family of Angry, Rabid Weasels stuffed down the front of his pants.
Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. Dumb asses.

Gratuitous Picture for a Thursday Morning-

You caption this one. I know what my first thought was.


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