Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Just went out to lock up the hen house and damn if there wasn't a Skunk in there. I kinda wondered where all the eggs had been going to.

Stupid thing wouldn't go out the door I opened for him so I shot his ass in the coop. He laid there and it kinda looked like there was smoke coming from where I shot him. Oldest son TherapyBoy, who was with me said, "That's not smoke. IT'S DEATH GAS! RUN

Oh yeah. That bastard was dead as hell and still got off a load of stank.

Friggin chickens didn't even wake up. Amazing. A .45 inside a 12x20 coop and they didn't even move.

And I can't wait to haul that stinking ass out of there in the morning. Those birds are gonna smell like ass for who knows how long too.

Tell me
again about how, "Living in the country is boring?"

Gratuitous Picture for a Tuesday Night-


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