Thursday, November 18, 2010

Senate Bill 510............

I thought this abortion of a bill had been shelved. Green Mountains Homesteading brings it to my attention that I was wrong about this.

And like every other government solution, S 510 creates more problems than it solves. It also steals one more piece of freedom from us in the process while increasing government control in another area of our lives.

Michael Geer has a concise article at The American Thinker -

First Health Care, Next the Food Supply

"Under the rubric of safety, this Senate proposes a bill that establishes such new and sweeping powers over how you and I produce and consume foodstuffs that even the Pew Charitable Trusts are calling S510 a clear and present danger. ..."

Go on over to Green Mountains Homesteading and read this post too.
There's plenty of links for more info and Toaster, the host over there, has got about everything you need to know on this.

Thanks Toaster!
I called my Senators again today, but I'm not real sure it's gonna matter. The staffers didn't seem anymore interested in hearing my concern than they did last year.

It just seems like these Bozos are intent on making all of us criminals one way or another.

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