Saturday, November 13, 2010

Computer Repair Time...........

My computer got whacked awhile back with a nasty virus. Not really sure just HOW the little bastard got on here but it did.

I've got a ton of shit running active to catch shit like that before it gets in but damn if they all didn't fail to stop it.
I did finally get rid of it but it screwed up things bad enough that it hasn't been right since.

I'm gonna spend the day copying all the crap on here that I need to save to DVD and install the new Windows 7 program and start over. I will be glad to get rid of that crappy Windows Vista too.
Windows XP - I miss you. To bad Microsoft won't support it anymore. Oh well. I'm told that the new Windows 7 is a lot like that and a damn sight more stable than Vista.

Let's hope so.

See ya when I get this shit finished.

Gratuitous Picture for Opening Day of Deer Season-
Trophy Rack Right There.......

And you gotta have this on Opening Day-


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