Thursday, December 09, 2010

Chicken Feed..........

Went to the feed store the other day for a couple of bags of feed for the girls. Oh sweet, Jeebus! The price has gone up.... Again!
Damn Skippy, this shit has gone up about $2.50 a bag in just a little over a years time. So this time of year that's got to work out to about, oh I don't know, $400 bucks per dozen eggs.

OK, I may not have got that figured exact, but you get the idea. So why it that I keep hearing all these government officials saying that inflation is no big deal and we don't have to worry about it when the cost of Every-Damn-Thing is going up?

Anyone? Feel free to chime in here and put me some knowledge on this one.

I dug out my old copy of, "Feeds and Feeding" by Morrison and have been figuring out what I need to grow next year to make my own damn feed. Ain't gonna help this Winter, but if I'd had seriously gotten after this 10 years ago when I first thought about it, I wouldn't be pissing around now I guess.

Yeah, I hear my Mom's voice out there saying something about, "Don't put off till tomorrow..............."
Yeah, she told me I should take typing in school, too.


This is just another example of how we should be getting our asses lined out towards providing for ourselves. So keep that in mind if you don't want to be dependent on others for things. That may not mean much to some of ya but it means a lot to me.
Plan ahead now, kids, it ain't just Chickens that need food.

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