Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Looking into the Future...........

After ObamaCare kicks in.

British ObamaCare update: 13,500 left to starve in hospitals

Official figures show that a record 13,500 patients fell victim to some form of nutritional deficiency last year.

Most are frail and elderly pensioners who are simply "left to starve" because they are too weak to feed themselves.

Concern is mounting among campaigners and relatives that nurses are now too busy to carry out basic duties of care, such as helping the most vulnerable to eat and drink.

Meal trays are being left on tables out of reach of bedridden patients and then taken away, completely untouched."

This is what happens when Government is put in charge of things. Every damn time.
When is this gonna sink in with people?

You say that this sort of thing won't happen here in the USA?
You may be correct.
But only because our economy is likely to implode and we all adopt a 1930's lifestyle-

Seeing as the same economic solutions are being tried now as in the 1930's.....
Enjoy your vacation.
All that fresh air is good for you.


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