Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oh My Aching Ass.............

Four and one half hours round trip today to see the surgeon. Normally a 2 hour jaunt, but we got a little snow, 5-6 inches and things went to hell on the roads.

There isn't enough snow removal equipment around here to do an adequate job. It's been that way since I first moved here and with the economic troubles that every State, County and Town are facing, there's not gonna be any more either.

That's the way it is and that's the way it's going to be. Only worse as time goes on.

Sand and salt to spread on the roads costs money.
Paying drivers costs money.
All the extra driving uses fuel.
These nasty, "Global Warming" cold Winters are eating up the pavement on roads. Yep, that costs money to fix 'em.

My point here is - Adapt.
Do it now or at least get to thinking about this shit.
EVERY service that's provided by States, Counties or Towns is gonna be scaled back. A lot of it already is , but the cut backs are small and most of us just aren't noticing it unless it directly effects us.

There are a lot of places where paved country roads are being returned to gravel. That's not become a standard everywhere............yet. But it's probably coming in the next decade. Sooner if the economy really does go, Tit's Up.

Think about water, electricity and that sort of thing. There are a lot of places in the world where outages of these things we've always taken for granted, are intermittent at best and just accepted. I'm not sure how well intermittent outages of water or electricity would be accepted by the crybabies that make up so much of the USA today.

Do you think the Smart Grid is just about, "Green Energy"?
Somehow I'm doubting it.

Doesn't matter really. Our energy grid is woefully inadequate and, going back to cost again, where we gonna get the money to upgrade it?

Again, I'm not really bitching that we need to spend billions on these things. Just an observation.
Well, maybe we shouldn't have given TRILLIONS to the Banks and Bankers that fucked us all into this shape in the first place. Perhaps SOME of it could have been used to benefit us poor MoFos who had those Trillions stolen from us.

Just a thought.

We're all gonna have to start thinking about this sort of thing. There's gonna have to be a SHITLOAD of services scaled back in order to get our country back on a stable financial footing.

I personally don't believe that those in Washington can or will do what's really needed to get things back into line and the government will end up going bankrupt eventually. We're borrowing Billions every month. That shit can only go on for so long.

How long? Beats me. But the day that people lose faith in the currency and the government, that's gonna be one ugly thing to watch.

So that's the sort of thing I was pondering as I trekked through the Winter Wonderland today.

The Surgeon says I don't need to see him again unless somethings wrong. He still wants me to use the crutches at work if I need them as the incision still has a spot that's not entirely closed up yet. My Boss may not be real thrilled by that, but I'm really not sure I could do 12 hours of running around yet.

I did give the Doc a hard time when I reminded him of his pre-op guess of only being on crutches for 3 weeks after surgery.
Hey, only 5 weeks off there. But he's a good guy and a good surgeon/ Things were just way more involved than we knew.
He reminded ME that he'd wanted an MRI and I talked him out of it so I guess it's a wash.

Except for my sore ass from driving my wife's uncomfortable car today, things are looking good!

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